Friday, July 26, 2013


Just when I was patting myself on the back for managing my mileage increase so well and so carefully. Just when I was marveling at how great my body was feeling, and how I just needed to stay in one piece to run a seriously good race at Yurrebilla...

After hard tempo runs of 13 & 17km on Tuesday & Wednesday, I stepped out yesterday for an easy 15km, then bam! A sharp pain suddenly materialized in my left upper thigh at 12km. Bad enough that I couldn't keep running and had to do a very slow jog back to the office.

At first I thought maybe I had just pinched a nerve, but as I cooled down it was apparent there was a muscle strain, or maybe a slight tear. A search of the internet this morning has revealed the culprit to be....the...ABDUCTOR LONGUS!

So, what do I do? Well, I iced it last night, and it feels a little better this morning. Common sense would suggest rest for a few days, but as we know, ultra runners aren't sensible! I'm going to try a slow 5km on the treadmill at lunch time and assess how serious it is, and whether I can keep training while it heals. I'm supposed to do 20/32km on the weekend, and if it looks like I can maintain a slow jog, I will still do that.

I still can't believe I did it while on an easy run, and not when I was running my 17km tempo on Wednesday, during which I ran my first sub 4min/km split since high school. Oh well, these things are part and parcel of distance running, so hopefully I can manage it without too much disruption to my race preparation.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Planned Races

I have pretty much settled on my race schedule for the coming 7 months. I have decided that all my future racing will be focused around a 4 Race "Summer Season", and will be planning my training accordingly.

This is partly because I prefer running in the heat, which does not seem to affect me as much as others, and partly because I am a bit soft, and have very little desire to stand on top of Mt Macedon in the middle of June at fuckthisshit o'clock!

So my schedule will be:

Yurrebilla Trail 56kmSeptember 22 (Adelaide Hills)
This should be a lot of fun. I am from Adelaide originally and I will be treating it as part race-part road trip with my 6yo son. We will stay at my parents, and there will be friends and family at the finish. Although the same distance, it looks a slower course than Two Bays, with lots of big climbs and descents. Not knowing the course means I will have to race this one smart.

30/50 Challenge 50kmNovember 16 (Rosebud to Portsea)
I was originally going to do Marysville this same weekend, however it is predominantly on the road and I prefer the trails, so chose this instead. It covers a lot of the same trail as Two Bays, and is on my home turf, so should suit. I will be nearing peak fitness by this stage hopefully.

Two Bays Trail Run 56km - January 14 (Cape Schanck-Dromana-Cape Schanck)
This is my main target, as it was my first ultra back in Jan this year, and I am hoping to significantly lower my time. Again, being close to home will be an advantage in terms of travel and sleep, and I learned some valuable lessons the first time around.

4th Race either:
Maroondah Dam 50km - mid Feb
Rollercoaster Run 44km - mid Mar
Razorback Run 58km (unlikely) - mid Mar

At this stage, I am leaning toward Maroondah Dam, although that will depend on recovery from Two Bays.

As for next year, well I'm hoping to kick off my 2014-15 summer season with my first ever 100km race - the GOW100 in October.

Friday, July 12, 2013

A Quick Time

Since my last post, I have had probably my best training run since I resumed serious running back in '10. I had missed my Sunday long run due to a late night out, and wasn't expecting too much for the week's training given the 4am finish.

I started back up on Monday with my usual 10km shake out at 5:20 pace, then surprised myself on Tuesday with a 15km tempo run that felt quite easy at 4:47 pace. Come Wednesday and it was perfect conditions for my 19km tempo run. Cool, no wind, and I felt very fresh.

I took off quickly but running within myself and was a little shocked when the first km ticked over at 4:33. After going through the second km at 4:30, I knew I was in for a good run, and decided to push hard the whole way. I felt strong right to the finish, and my fastest split was a 4:16 at km 17. In the end, I had run 18.69km at 4:35 pace.

Obviously missing the 26km run on Sunday had left me with a bit extra in my legs, but most importantly it has shown me I am on the right track with my training and am getting faster. I ended up logging 110km for the week, including a 21/26km weekend. That workload has left me a bit heavier in the legs and I haven't been able to match last week's time. Also, this week my sister was over with her family & I have missed two training runs, so will drop back to about 90km this week.

It will be interesting to see whether the lighter load this week will help my back to back long runs on the weekend.